Boston Government Service Center Adaptive Reuse

-Boston, MA

The Government Service Center in Boston, Massachusetts deigned by Paul Rudolph was an adaptive reuse project which transformed this concrete mega structure into a mixed use residential and retail anchor point for the city. 

The original Rudolph building was partially gutted and turned into multilevel storefront retail. High class residential apartments overlooking the city and courtyard tower over the roof print of the building. Atop of original building is a "sky street" which ties the new building and the old structure together as one by bringing a circulation space with lounges, recreational areas and egress elevators. 

The courtyard is opened up to pedestrian traffic which allows the passage from one side of the city super block to the other. This courtyard has greenery and retail within which forms an experiential gathering space, a community area and it brings another node to the green way of Boston. 



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