C.E. Beckman Boutqiue Hotel and Azorean Maritime Heritage Building 

-New Bedford, MA

The C.E. Beckman Co. Building is proposed for adaptive reuse. The programs selected for the building are a boutique hotel and an Azorean Maritime Heritage Society which will bring life and history back into the building. This historic building consists of two separate distinct buildings that are of different construction methods and different historic timeframes. There is a granite masonry building and a wooden framed building which is in a linear position to the waterfront. The period of architecture which is being chosen for preservation elements of the building is 1850 which is the most significant time this building had in history. The boutique hotel will bring a location to New Bedford where visitors can stay and experience the history that New Bedford has with its Azorean roots, historic whaling industry and rugged aesthetic.

Major adaptive elements which will transform the building are changes in floor to floor heights which will bring interior spaces to code and meet ADA compliance, floor plate cuttaway which will bring light and circulation throughout interior space, and painting the interior and exterior of the granite building white which makes interior spaces have a higher quality of reflected light and the exterior facade to resemble the new reuse and to help the building to stand out within the historic waterfront community.



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