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Prudence Island Renovation

Project Details

Year: 2021-2022

Location: Portsmouth, RI

Type: Renovation & Addition

Size: 1,300 sf

Status: Awaiting Construction

Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build

Building Designer: Pacific-Visions Studio LLC

Structural Engineer: Northeast Engineers & Consultants, Inc.

Civil Engineer: Mount Hope Engineering

Interior Designer:  N/A

Contractor: TBD

Renderings: Pacific-Visions Studio, LLC.


Photos: Pacific-Visions Studio LLC

Project Description


The Pacific-Visions team was hired to renovate a 1,300-sf one-story cottage on Prudence Island in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Our client’s goal was to convert this 1940 cottage into a summer residence to share with their extended family. The interior scope of work included the demolition of several interior walls to create an open living, dining, and kitchen area. The existing bathroom was to be expanded and provided new fixtures as well. On the exterior, a new gable roof was to be constructed, as well as a new deck and patio space. New windows and sliding doors on the exterior help capture the gorgeous view down to the bay from the east façade.


The Existing West Façade 


Exterior Concept Rendering - Existing Existing Southeast Façade 


One of the key elements for the new design of the cottage was to create a dedicated pathway down to the entrance from the main road. Under current conditions, guests must descend a series of uneven stone steps to reach the front door of the house. In the new design, large monolithic steps meander down the hill from the road toward the entrance on the west façade. New planter beds have also been added along the pathway towards the entrance. The main entrance itself has been repositioned towards the north facing direction to provide additional headroom. Monolithic steps have also been design along the south side of the home to provide a bridge between the new deck and the slope of the existing terrain.

The new cottage design facilitates a modern open floor plan on the interior while providing plenty of new amenities on the exterior for the clients and their family to enjoy together. 

Exterior Concept Rendering - Proposed Southeast Façade

Upon opening the front door to the house, guests enter a new mudroom with space for hanging coats and jackets. Guests can then proceed directly into the kitchen and access the living and dining areas in proximity. A new pantry and sleeping area are located to the right of the kitchen and dining space, while the renovated bathroom can be entered directly to the right of the mudroom space.


On the exterior, the new deck wraps around the east and south sides of the house and can be accessed by sliding doors on each respective façade. The deck is covered by a smaller new gable roof on the east façade, mimicking the pitch and style of the main gable roof.


The new cottage design facilitates a modern open floor plan on the interior while providing plenty of new amenities on the exterior for the clients and their family to enjoy together.  


Interior Concept Rendering - Proposed Living/Kitchen Area

EXTERIOR-2 copy.jpg

Exterior Concept Rendering - Proposed West Façade 

0401 Governor Paine Road_no addition - Sheet - A1-01 - FIRST FLOOR PLAN.jpg

Prudence Island Renovation - Proposed First Floor Plan

0401 Governor Paine Road_no addition - Sheet - A3-01 - EXTERIOR ELEVATIONS.jpg

Prudence Island Cottage - Proposed East Elevation

0401 Governor Paine Road_no addition - Sheet - A3-02 - EXTERIOR ELEVATIONS.jpg

Prudence Island Renovation - South Exterior Elevation

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