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We help you visualize the full potential of your project

Leaders in New England Residential Design

Design the Home of your dreams from scratch.

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Preserve and revive the historic character of your existing property.

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Improve the appearance and efficiency of an existing space within your property.

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Repair and improve the organization of your building to your liking. 

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A collaborative

design studio

Who we are

We provide design solutions that help you visualize the full potential of your project before construction. We strive to guide home owners through the complex design and construction process. With our background in residential design paired with our expertise in 3D visualization, we can offer a unique experience that will bring your ideas from concept to completion.

building drawings and design meeting
  construction site job meeting

A Proven Process 

A proven method

An Integrative Design Process allows us to collaborate in order to achieve design that meets your needs and puts you in full control of your project before construction.

Our Featured Projects

These are just a few projects in our portfolio that we believe demonstrate our diverse experience in residential design

Grafton Hill Contemporary


Whether you are a first home buyer or an experienced builder, a well designed layout that fits your family is the first step to a successful new home or addition.

Exterior Rendering (1).jpg

Nathaniel Gladding House


All cities and towns are built upon layers of historic fabric that make them unique. Our mission as designers is to help preserve a sense of place through buildings.

Lafayette Garage Renovation


Just like people, buildings need to adapt and reposition themselves for the future. Maximizing the impact and realizing the fullest potential in your property requires a team effort.

Exterior 1.jpg
218-220 Main Street construction progress drone photo_9.jpg

Fales Farm Residence


The older a building, more likely it has fallen into disrepair. These properties are often full of buried potential to those who seek it.

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