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Exterior Rendering.jpg

Grafton Hill Contemporary

Project Details

Year: 2020 - 2021

Location: Worcester, MA

Type: Renovation & Addition

Size: 2,576 sf

Status: Under Construction

Delivery Method: Integrated Project Delivery

Designer: Pacific-Visions Studio LLC

Structural Engineer: Craig A. Thomas, PE

Civil Engineer: Craig A. Thomas, PE

Contractor: G and O Construction, Inc., Peter Gariepy


Design / Code Consultant: Fagan Design Build Studio

Photos: Pacific-Visions Studio LLC

Project Description

The Pacific Visions team was hired to produce a contemporary three-story residential addition and renovation project in Worcester, Massachusetts. The owners were interested in a complete revamp of their 1890’s homes to suit the spatial needs and amenities of the 21st century. Primary features include a three-story tower with a master bedroom on the top level with a view of the skyline of Worcester, as well as a new kitchen, dining, and mudroom space, and second story bedrooms with the boundaries of the rear addition. Another goal of this project was to preserve the existing foundation, floor, and exterior stud wall structure while replacing the finishes and thermal / moisture protections to suit modern building codes.

110 Orient Street Drone Viewport Photo_35.jpg

Grafton Hill Contemporary - The Existing House

Interior Rendering.jpg

Proposed Interior Rendering - New First Floor Layout after Renovation

Bathroom render-2.1.jpg

Proposed Interior Rendering - New Master Bathroom

The design for this project utilizes a clean, contemporary aesthetic overlaying the framework and character of the existing historic home. The proposed tower stands proud from the existing house and gives the property a sense of prominence over the hilled outer suburbs of Worcester.

Despite preserving the primary structural elements of the existing house, it was a goal to open up the interior of the first floor level to make the spaces flow together more efficiently. The proposed living room, kitchen, and dining room are not separated by any partition walls, allowing for ease of access from one space to the next.

In maintaining the form of the existing home, we worked to create a new roof with the same ridge slope and elevation while creating more headroom on the second floor for new bedrooms and the proposed second floor bathroom. We were able to achieve this early design concept by dormering significant portions of the roof to make better use of second floor space.

Bedroom Rendering-1.1.jpg

Proposed Interior Rendering - New Master Bedroom

“This three-story residential addition and renovation project gives the owners of the property an open, contemporary home built around the bones of the existing structure. The proposed tower provides a unique, birds eye view of the Worcester skyline from the outer suburbs of the city.”

110 Orient Street Drone Viewport Photo_41.jpg

Grafton Hill Contemporary - Existing House view from above


Grafton Hill Contemporary - Existing House view from street

Exterior Rendering.jpg

Proposed Exterior Rendering - View from Street after Construction

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