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New Build

At Pacific-Visions Studio, LLC., we can turn your dreams of a new home or building project into a reality through our comprehensive design process. New Build projects often start with a sketch or idea and a plot of land to build on. Our job as a team is to provide you with the means to visualize your project and ensure that it suits your design dreams while adhering to the rules of the land that you are to building on. 

  • Do you have a build-able plot of land selected yet?

  • Has the land been surveyed by a surveyor or civil engineer?

  • Do you have a pre-selected contractor, or are you open to having us recommend one of ours for the job?

  • How large of a building are you looking to build?

  • Is there a specific style or concept that you are going for?`

  • What is you're construction budget?

  • Is there is a specific timeline or deadlines you need to hit?

Don't worry, if you're unsure, we can help you navigate these questions!

Building new offers flexibility in design and shape

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New Build construction provides you the opportunity to turn your dream project into a reality. Aesthetic styles and design preferences in new build construction are not hindered by historic precedents or preexisting building limitations. 

When selecting a lot for a new build project, it is important to understand that city zoning bylaws will limit the boundaries, height, square footage, and open space of your project. We will ensure that your project follows your design dreams while also adhering to these zoning bylaws.

All new build construction follows current building code regulations, allowing your finished project to meet the latest in building efficiency standards. 

Medway Multifamily - Foundation Construction

Medway Multifamily - Framing Construction

Medway Multifamily - Exterior Envelope Construction

Medway Multifamily - Post-Construction

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