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Medway Multifamily

Project Details

Year: 2020 - 2022

Location: Medway, MA

Type: New Build Construction

Size: 18,729 sf

Status: Completed

Delivery Method: Integrated Project Delivery

Architect of Record: Cote Architecture

Architectural Consultant: JHL Tecture PC

Design Consultant: Pacific-Visions Studio LLC

Civil Engineer: Meridian Associates

Contractor: New Generation Custom Homes

Photos: Pacific-Visions Studio LLC

Project Description

This new residential construction project was designed to provide four multi-family living units adjacent to the historic Fales Farm residence. Our team was hired to help develop this new residential property in the aesthetic style of the Fales Farm residence to maintain consistency between both the old and new properties.

Final CD Render-2.jpg

Medway Multifamily - Proposed Exterior Rendering

Edited photo_45.jpg

Medway Multifamily - Foundation Construction & Site Work

Quadplex photo batch 1_39.jpg

During the initial design of this project, the proposed property was originally going to include a triplex and duplex. After analyzing the zoning conditions and setbacks, the design was revised to include a quadplex instead.

The amenities featured in each multi-family living unit include a two car garage, kitchen, living room, master bedroom, two additional bedrooms, a great room, laundry, and two and a half bathrooms.

Due to the proximity of the neighboring Fales Farm Residence, it was important that the Medway multifamily project carried over many of the same aesthetic qualities as the existing property. The overall footprint of each multifamily unit is inspired by House 1 (see here) of the Fales Farm Residence. The two halves of the Quadplex are joined by a shared utility space which provides services for the entire multifamily development.

Medway Multifamily - Completed Quadplex

Medway Multifamily - Open Floor Plan Living

“This new quadplex project provides families with spacious interiors and modern amenities while maintaining an exterior aesthetic inspired by the historic features of the neighboring Fales Farm residence.”

Quadplex photo batch 1_41.jpg

Medway  Multifamily - Kitchen Design

Quadplex photo batch 2_8.jpg

Medway Multifamily - Upstairs Bedroom

Quadplex photo batch 2_2.jpg

Medway Multifamily - Upstairs Bathroom

Quadplex photo batch 1_67.jpg

Medway Multifamily - Upstairs Den & Laundry

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