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Fales Farm Residences

Project Details

Year: 2020 - 2021

Location: Medway, MA

Type: Rehabilitation, Historic Restoration, & Addition

Size: 1,408 sf (House 1), 1,761 (House 2)

Status: Complete

Delivery Method: Integrated Project Delivery

Designer: Pacific-Visions Studio LLC

Structural Engineer: TLH Consulting

Civil Engineer: Meridian Associates

Contractor: New Generation Custom Homes

Photos: Pacific-Visions Studio LLC

Project Description

This project included the renovation of two adjacent historic homes in Medway, Massachusetts that were to be restored and refurbished. Built in the mid-1800s, these two properties once stood on acres of open farmland. The Fales Farm was one of the first farms in Medway, MA and consisted of a single family house and a carriage house that was used to support the family farm. Over the course of time, owners have come and gone and forests have grown to populate the area surrounding the two homes. Our goal was to maintain the exterior character of these two historic homes while modernizing the interior to suit the needs of multi-family living.

Quadplex photo batch 1_11.jpg

The Renovated Properties


Historic Photograph of Robert Fales Farm from 1901


In order to maintain the character of these two properties, we worked to repair or replace all applicable exterior cladding, trim work, and foundation materials to match the original historic style. We also wanted to repair or replace all applicable damaged windows on each property. It was imperative that each of the two homes still maintained as much of their historic character on the exterior despite the renovations on the interior of each property.

The future of the property is a larger site development tying the historic homes in with a quadplex which will provide four new residential condos which use similar features glorifying the design of the historic homes.

Living Room Renovation in the Barn Residence

218-220 Main Street Site Visit 210508_71.jpg

Exterior progress on the Barn Residence

“This renovation and restoration project of the Fales Farm residence transforms the two properties to suit single-family living while maintaining the historic elements of each of these two 19th century homes.”


Renovated Kitchen in the Barn Residence


Historic Window Restoration in the Barn Residence

Quadplex photo batch 1_19.jpg

Portico Restoration on the Farm House Residence

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