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Rehabilitation projects often occur when a home or building component is damaged or destroyed and needs proper repair or replacement. Storms, wind, erosion, and aging can all play a part in wearing down homes in New England. Improper construction and poor design can also lead to unforeseen building failures. At Pacific Visions, we work with each client to ensure that their property receives the repairs it needs to stand for many more years to come.  

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  • How old is the building?

  • Do you have any existing drawings of the building?

  • Do you have a pre-selected contractor, or are you open to having us recommend one of ours for the job?

  • What is your overall goal for the rehabilitation of the building?

  • Is there a specific style or concept that you are going for?`

  • What is you're construction budget?

  • Is there is a specific timeline or deadlines you need to hit?

Don't worry, if you're unsure, we can help you navigate these questions!

Rehabilitation gives damaged homes the repairs they need

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Homes in New England are often built in the light wood framing structural style, which ensures simplified cost-efficient construction at the risk of long term durability. As a result, many older homes in the region are susceptible to damage from storms, wind, erosion, and long term wear and tear.


The benefit of light wood framing construction is that repairs can often be completed effectively with limited implications to the existing property. Our design team works to ensure that drawing sets provide clear information for the repair and replacement process of each rehabilitation project. 

Rehabilitation projects can cover a wide range of scope from full structural repairs to simple trim work replacements. It is important to us that we provide clients with the right repairs to improve the conditions of their property.

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Our full design team has experience working on rehabilitation projects in the New England region. When we produce drawing sets for rehabilitation projects, we aim to provide clear and concise information for builders in the field as they work on an existing property.

At the beginning of a new rehabilitation project, we will visit the site to perform an initial measure up of the property and use the sketches and photos to create a comprehensive drawing set including 2D and 3D representations of the home.


If you are interested in starting a rehabilitation project with our team, please contact us here!

218-220 Main Street Site Visit 210508_14.jpg
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