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Woodchuck Hill Road Photo_7.jpg

Woodchuck Hill Residence

Project Details

Year: 2021 - 2023

Location: West Simsbury, CT

Type: Historic Rehabilitation

Size: 2,633 sf

Status: Complete

Delivery Method: Integrated Project Delivery

Designer: Pacific-Visions Studio LLC

Contractor: Owner Built

Photos: Pacific-Visions Studio LLC

Project Description

Built in the year 1900, this farmhouse has served as the family homestead for a prominent family in the town of Simsbury. When our client purchased the homestead, they wanted to completely renovate the home into their long term retirement residence. Three other buildings are currently located on the property and will be later renovation projects to add to this quaint New England farm; a barn, garage and a well house.


Historic Photograph of the Home's Exterior

woodchuck camera photo_222.jpg

The Existing Living Space Fully Gutted

Woodchuck Hill Road Photo_56.jpg

The main building which was constructed in 1900 underwent multiple renovations and was added on three times to what is now the full extent of the house. The three sections of house can clearly be seen in the different eras of framing construction.

The main stairwell is being moved to create a grand staircase which will act as a centerpiece and point of focus in the new living space.

Most of the ground floor will be transformed into open concept living. Space planning is very important in this project because it will allow a clear separation between living, dining and private areas.

Renovated Formal Living Space

Woodchuck Hill Road Photo_36.jpg

Main Stairwell an Living Room

"A farmhouse that is historic is nature but contemporary to its flow of circulation and modern living."

Woodchuck Construction Photos_33.jpg

The New Main Staircase Framed

Woodchuck Hill Road Photo_143.jpg

Main Stairway and Window Treatment

Two additions will be added to the building to help transform some of the existing rooms into much more usable and intentional spaces.

A kitchen addition will be added to enhance the cooking experience and contribute to larger separation between the kitchen and the main dining room.

A large master suite will be added on the second floor to create a private space which will have a restored fireplace, a private living area and breathtaking views to the surrounding land.

Woodchuck Hill Road Photo_20.jpg

Open Concept Kitchen & Dining

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