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Hammersmith Residence

Project Details

Year: 2016 - 2019

Location: Newport, RI

Type: Historic Restoration & Rehabilitation

Size:  6,217 sf

Status: Complete

Delivery Method: Design Bid Build

Designer: Fagan Design Build Studio


Design Consultant: Pacific-Visions Studio LLC

Structural Engineer: Principe Company​

Contractor: MPH Builders

Photos: Pacific-Visions Studio LLC

Project Description

This historic outbuilding dates back to 1887 when it was constructed as a part of the larger Wild Moor Estate in Newport, RI.  This building was always used as a carriage house and storage building and had  never  been  fully  utilized  as  a  modern,  residential structure.  Many  of  the  historic  features of the historic interior were able to be preserved including the gatekeeper's office, the pantry kitchen and almost all of the interior woodwork. One of the most outstanding parts of this restoration are the windows. Every window on the building was removed, restored by hand and reinstalled. The ultimate goal of the restoration was to demonstrate the potential in single family adaptive reuse and  show the potential in reusing and rehabilitating utilitarian outbuildings. In 2019 this property was awarded the Doris Duke Historic Preservation Award for its contribution to preserving Newport’s architectural heritage and character.


The existing carriage house in 2016

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