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Looking to improve the appearance or function of an existing space within your property? A renovation project could transform your home and provide you with a fresh, inviting feel for your family and guests. Renovation projects can improve both the interior functions of a home as well as the exterior attributes of the building as well. 

Final Render- Addition.jpg
  • How old is the building?

  • Do you have any existing drawings of the building?

  • Do you have a pre-selected contractor, or are you open to having us recommend one of ours for the job?

  • How large of a renovation are you looking to build?

  • Is there a specific style or concept that you are going for?`

  • What is you're construction budget?

  • Is there is a specific timeline or deadlines you need to hit?

Don't worry, if you're unsure, we can help you navigate these questions!

Renovation projects can transform the look and feel of your home

Final Render - Mudroom.jpg

Projects that fall into the renovation category can cover a large variety of design criteria. A renovation of a kitchen, living room, or bathroom are often small in scale but could provide a totally new feel to an existing property.

Some renovation projects are often grouped together with a new build addition project as well. The Grafton Street Residence shown below (see here) is an example of a project that includes a mixed renovation and addition in the project scope.

At Pacific-Visions Studio, we will work to produce the drawings required to help you visualize the potential that a renovation project could have for your existing property.

Final Render - Kitchen.jpg
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